Q). Can you invest in my start-up?

A). That depends on which round of financing you would need because we have various subsidiaries, divisions, and funds that handle various stages of financing. But the very first step is for us to have a conversation so we can get to know you because we invest in great founders. Drop us an email, phone call or text.

Q). Where are you located?

A). Our headquarters are located in the wonderful Queens, New York.

Q). Can you help my company raise capital?

A). It depends. We do assist companies with raising capital, for a fee, but it has to be a company we believe in and the company has to pass our very thorough due diligence process.

Q). Are you hiring?

A). Stay posted on our careers page for career opportunities.

Q). Are you a financial adviser?

A). Our subsidiary, Robb & Company Wealth Management, LLC. (RCWM), is a registered investment advisor. Contact them if you're looking for a financial adviser that's a fiduciary.

Q). Do you acquire companies?

A). We do take minority and majority stakes in companies. We also partner up with other investment firms ("club deals") to make acquisitions. We assess each company to determine which options are best.

Q). What is your investment philosophy?

A). We have various divisions and funds that cater to their own investment strategies but as far as Robb & Company's investment philosophy; we believe in finding assets that have yet to reach their full potential.

Q). How do I get tickets/passes to attend a Robb & Company Corporation (RCC) event?

A). Keep posted on our events section or on our main page when we have an upcoming event.

Q). Are you publicly traded?

A). Not yet. We're a privately held company that is majority-owned by Robb Corporation.

Q). I have more questions. How do I get in touch with you?

A). You can drop us an email, a phone call or a text.